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Maki, Robert Mission trip to Benin, West Africa. Where He Leads?Foreign Mission news of the Apostolic Lutheran church of America 1/1999. Our Foreign Mission was contacted by Rev. Unyime Nkanta of Benin several years ago. In response to many requests from him to visit his church, Pastor Carl Lamppa and I (Pastor Bob Maki) went to Benin on a fact-finding and preaching trip for one week in September. My son-in-law, Bouba, a west African familiar with the African culture and fluent in French an English, was in Mali at the time and joined us in Benin. Worship services were held each evening in a small, warehouse-type building with about 40 people attending, including children. Part way through the week as Carl had finished his sermon, God placed it on Carl?s heart to say to the people: "If there are any here this evening who know their hearts are not right with God, please don?t leave this building". The closing prayer was given and some of the people started to leave, but about half of the people remained seated. We were able to speak with them one at time and assure them, in the name of Jesus and by His precious blood, to believe all their sins forgiven. There were many who had never been baptized. Friday afternoon we gathered together with the ones who wanted to be baptized and explained the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. The aptism took place on Saturday. The owner of the building where the services were held, a man in his 60?s, who had received the grace to repent of his sins, believe and be baptized, said: "Now I am ready to die because all my sins are forgiven?
Patience, Charles From Benin, West Africa. Christian Monthly 11/1998. I would want to get involved in your work in this country?I want to be your distributor as well for Jesus Christ.
Rev. Unyime Nkanta (Cotonou, Republic of Benin) Where he leads?Translations into the French language. Christian Monthly 8/1998. A letter on behalf of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of Benin?.The translation of the Intermediate V/VI New Testament Bible lessons, both the Bible Study Guide and Teacher?s Guide, have been completed and are now being printed. We will be printing 1000 copies of the Bible Study Guide and 500 copies of the Teachers Guide for use in Benin and other French-speaking countries of West Africa. This month (July) we will also publish the first issue of the French Christian Monthly. The name of the magazine will be "Bonne Nouvelle", which means "Good News. This will be a quarterly publication at first and 500 copies will be printed each time.
Rev. Unyime Nkanta (Cotonou, Republic of Benin) Where he leads?French Language Christian Monthly. Christian Monthly 9/1998. I have received a good report about the magazine (Bonne Nouvelle) from the republic of Togo and from our churches in Porto Novo and Cotonou, Benin.
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